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And by "stuff", I mean stories about people turning into horny monsters. If you're so inclined, Abe E Seedy is your guy, and this is the part of the site where we offer a library of the stories he's released on the internet for free. All the stories in this section are adult (18+) and are not suitable for other audiences. Check story tags for more specific content warnings.

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Being part of an expedition to a distant alien world is some stressful stuff, but Dylan quickly finds there are consequences to his attempts to sneak off and unwind. A story of gradually increasing lust and slow mental and physical changes, with a part two to come that will show where this amount of compulsive indulgence ends up. ~ 5.6k words

male masturbation, m/f sex, male tf - mostly mental or implied at this point, but with a distinct focus on getting an insistent and increasingly alien cock

Several days later in the story above, and things have... progressed. Heidi is making regular visits to Dylan in the medbay, but somewhere along the way the examinations became a lot less medical. And also along the way, he stopped being the only patient. ~ 2.7k words

contains alien lizard monster tf, discussion and ramifications of mental corruption, blowjobs, and the revelation that the main female character has a completely different set of genitals to what she started out with

Around two weeks later, things have progressed even further. Heidi is now fully aware of everything that is happening, casually recounting to herself the overall corruption of the ship. ~ 2.1k words

contains alien lizard monster tf, further discussion and ramifications of mental corruption, and hearty enjoyment by a female character of the endless corruptive slime produced by her new alien cock

A dumb, fun story based around the concept of 'what if there was an outbreak of contagious donkeyperson TF at a resort, and it made everyone really horny? What if it spread through being horny? What if Abe just really wanted to quickly write the most indulgent thing possible?' That last part isn't exactly new around here, but honestly, a TF apocalypse scenario that's deliberately bright, breezy and soft is rarer than you might think ~ 4k words

contains second person horny donkeyperson TF, an ambiguously defined main character, folks really trying to make Pleasure Island a 'thing', looking respectfully, a very soft tone for a virulently contagious TF, and an inquisitive woman in a full hazmat suit succumbing to the contagion and getting a big ol' cock as she joins the donkeyperson party

A guest story I put together for Shifts From The Shelves 2, a TF anthology released by Monstrifex and JillTheSuccubus. This is a disjointed little tale, detailing the descent into alien catperson TF undergone by a professor as she spends time with an unusual artefact. Light on porn, this is more about setting the scene for the 3 images that Jill made for this sequence, told by connecting together 3 different communications; an academic funding proposal, notes from a bizarre guest lecture, and a pitch document for a barely historical 'documentary'. We're hosting the illustrations here because the story doesn't make as much sense without them, but to see the best version of this (not to mention all the rest of the really cool TF stuff they put together), check out their book at the link above. It's really cool, as you can see by the quality of the images Jill made here. ~2.2k words
click here for the first illustration
click here for the second illustration
click here for the third illustration

contains alien catgirl TF, mental change, adult references, and a surprising amount of actual historical detail

Three women in a relationship together sit down to play an erotic roleplaying game, based improbably on both the Conan universe and an impromptu challenge. In real life this story came from an off-handed joke about how "what is best in life?" could be answered with "hearing the lamination of their women", so that probably tells you all you need to know about this weird RPG-satire/smut hybrid story. ~ 1.9k words

contains female sexdoll tf, female masturbation, unrelated fantasy violence, more comedy than porn (but still too much porn to read this in public)

Moving into a new place can be tough. Fortunately, turning into a tentacle monster gives you plenty to do, and plenty to write about in your online journal. ~ 5.7k words, 2 illos

contains female monstergirl / alien tf, f/f, f solo, alien dick growth, tentacles, oviposition, cum everywhere

Sabrith & Tayelle star in a short, comedy-focussed story about what happens when the big bad demons figure out their newly TF'd subjects have been through this all before, and who is really in danger in this scenario. ~ 2.5k words

Contains m/f/f sex, demongirls and demonlords, femdom, a girl with a dick, very little actual sex and even less TF, honestly this is mostly just entirely played for laughs, I'm sorry

Perennial TF favourites Sabrith & Tayelle find themselves in another predicament, this time getting challenged by a rival alchemist to drink a random TF potion and not fuck each other. There's actually two separate paths to this one, making it a mini-choose-your-own-adventure, and, unsurprisingly, the path where they lose, and everyone fucks and turns into things is longer than the one where they successfully restrain themselves. I'm sure you're all shocked. ~ 8.2k words
Sabrith dog TF illo, Sabrith horse TF illo, Tayelle sphinx TF illo

Contains playful rivalries and inept but enthusiastic domming, petplay, f/f sex, woman to doggirl TF (in one path), woman to horse girl and growing a dick as well as woman to catgirl/sphinx TF (in another path)

A short little story about coming up with a fun character to play for D&D, and really getting into the role... ~1k words

contains woman to demongirl TF, but it's almost entirely safe for work, and is mostly just a humourous little exploration of an idea

A relatively quick and light story, written with the premise of 'what if there was a quiz show where, for every wrong answer, you got TF'd a little more? And what if everyone was like, into it?' In this case, a woman attempts not to become a goo-catgirl, while another (much smarter) woman aims to avoid becoming a pool toy shark. It spends more time going through the TFs than being actual porn, but I still think it's pretty fun. ~4k words

contains begrudging but good feeling TF, goo, pooltoy, playful game show banter

Maria has an up close and personal experience with a strange plant, which has consequences only you, dear reader, could forsee. ~ 5.5k words, 1 illo

contains female lustification, plant tentacle sex, f/m/m/m/etc., f solo, cum everywhere

Maria's adventures continue, and start spreading to her partner and neighbors. Is she building a harem of unstoppable horny plant friends? I mean, yeah, probably. ~ 3.5k words

contains dub-con / mind control, dick growth, girl to tentacle creature, guy to femme-ish sex pet, group sex, cum everywhere

Maria's adventures conclude at the rooftop pool, where Erin, another resident of the apartment complex, is taking a late evening solo swim. Nothing like a contaminated water supply to make the rest of the night interesting. ~ 4.7k words

contains dick growth, girl to tentacle creature, group sex, even more cum

Sabrith & Tayelle return for another TF escapade, this time confronted by a succubus that wants their advice. You see, it turns out there are only so many times you can get corrupted into a horny demon before word gets around, and the horny demons of the world start coming to you for advice. The lesson goes... about as well as could be expected. Excellent illustrations by ShySiren! ~6k words
click here for the first illustration
click here for the second illustration
click here for the third illustration

contains anthro hellhound TFs, demonplay, dick growth, and both theoretical and practical lessons about corruption and dom/sub scenes

Betsy puts aside her misgivings and attends a yoga workshop promising an experience of "ultimate self-indulgence". Coincidentally, "ultimate self-indulgence" is also a great way to describe Abe's approach to this story. ~2.2k words
click here for the first illustration
click here for the second illustration

contains female masturbation, dick growth, and cum-girl TF, which is for all those people who thought googirls were just TOO subtle

Sometimes the key to a little relaxation is a good old fashioned erotic massage. Sometimes that massage gives you cow teats. I don't make the rules. ~ 2.2k words
click here for the illustration

early stage cowgirl tf, milking, breast enlargement

A loose sequel to 'Good Morning', but imagining the central character not knowing exactly what caused them to grow a big ol' horse cock and balls. Look, sometimes you sit down to write a big post-TF story, and then you realise what you really want to do is write the scene where the woman with weird junk struggles not to cum in a supermarket. ~ 1.4k words

post-tf, public struggling with arousal, dick & cum stuff, clean up in aisle three

An unnamed woman signs up for a rather unorthodox retreat. Sometimes when you walk slowly into something intense and weird, you wind up with more legs than you started with. And, y'know, big milky teats. Why else would you bother? ~ 1.5k words

woman to cowtaur tf, milking, machine pleasuring, repeated explicit consent to increasingly notable changes

Two of the women from 'Best in Life' return in another light-hearted story, this time involving a contest where they take turns TFing each other until they cum. Because hey, if magic exists, why not use it frivolously to solve arguments and provoke competitive orgasms? ~ 2.5k words

contains body weirdness (nullification, semi-independent extra head growth), woman to chocobo-taur TF, egglaying, lesbian relationship goals

A sequel to a story from Experiments, where the 3 girls who formed a catgirl coven in college still live together several years later. Eventually though, they realise that they're not really taking advantage of their horny catgirl dicks like they used to. So they decide to summon a familiar to help them reconnect with their magic, but, wouldn't you know it, things don't work out quite how they were expecting (or maybe they extremely do, let's be honest). ~ 5.1k words
Click here for the first illustration
Click here for the second illustration
If you're curious about the original Easy Bake Coven, you can now read all of Experiments for free on Itch here!

f/f/f threesome, catgirl TF varying from anime to closer to feral, enthusiastic oral & double-penetration, female dick growth (past tense), female dick loss (present tense), convenient magical mishaps, incidental ennui

A short but sweet morning romp between Abigail and her BF takes a left turn when she breaks out a magic amulet to change him and score some quality kitty time. ~ 1.1k words
click here for the illustration

f/m light domming, male tiger tf, cunnilingus

A woman can't stop fantasising about encounters with a mysterious, serpentine man, finding her quiet country life revolving more and more around this all-consuming fantasy. Heavily focussed on mental conditioning, with the actual TF being implied (and perhaps entirely imagined). ~1k words
click here for the illustration

contains hypnosis, mental conditioning, m/f sex, d/s, implied snake tf

Sabrith and Tayelle (yes, that Sabrith and Tayelle, from all the TF art around the internet) are celebrating their anniversary, and they do it the same way any loving couple seriously into TF would. They run headlong into a dungeon where they've heard there's potential for hot TF sex, gleefully falling over themselves to get the so-called 'bad end'. Now with 3 illustrations from Dabunnox, commissioned by Sabrith and Tayelle! ~5k words
click here for the first illustration
click here for the second illustration
click here for the third illustration

contains playful bad end (ie, people mostly pretending to be defeated so they can suffer a TF 'punishment'), f/f sex, women growing dicks, TF into cow centaur and a hellhound pet, humour and affectionate roleplay

Angela wakes up groggy, sweaty, and with a big ole horse dick. That wasn't there last night... ~ 1k words
click here for the illustration

contains female dick growth, f solo, horsecocks, cum

New Year, New You - that's a motto you can take a little more seriously when you work for a company that produces experimental mutagenic formulas and you have after-hours access to the labs. Is there a better way to to ring in the new year than by melting into a curvy googirl? Arguable. ~ 1.4k words
click here for the illustration

contains voluntary woman to googirl TF, f solo masturbation, and a workplace prank that would definitely cause problems for HR

Turns out it's not great when you're exploring uncharted space and an unexpected EMP shuts down your whole ship, not to mention your AI crewmate. Eva finds herself exploring an unorthodox solution to the problem, that turns out pretty different from how she was expecting (but pretty much exactly how we'd expect) ~ 2.6k words

contains female dick growth, arguable/ambiguous FtM TG, but definite robot TF, complete with nanobot cum

A spin off from Help! I'm Becoming the Monster Class?!, this story follows the unsanctioned adult adventures of two new characters, Theo and Quinn. Quinn's new druid class is supposed to come with a cool wolf beast form, but it keeps glitching and now she's trapped with something distinctly else going on.

female wolfgirl TF, feral-ish male wolf TF via sex, petplay

Chiss is a mercenary, her life revolving around travelling from town to town, solving problems and getting paid. But ever since an encounter with a slime monster she's been more and more focussed on what happens between towns, when she can find a nice private spot, relax, and... well. That's between her and the slimes. This might be just the first part of a series of stories as the TF progresses, so watch this space! ~ 1.7k words
click here for the illustration

goo TF, contains female dick growth, f solo, oviposition(ish)

The adventures of Chiss the mercenary continue, and this time a session of goo cock enjoyment is interrupted by her finding out that she's able to control the slimes she's been producing. More than that, it turns out she can merge them with her body, and that opens up a whole world of possiblity. Most of those possibilities wind up involving jerking off even harder. I'm sure you're all shocked. ~ 2k words

further goo TF, yet more female dick focus, f solo, goo oviposition, body experimentation, a whole lot of enthusiastic jerking off

The final chapter in the story of goo cocks and adventurers, this time with a newer mercenary inadvertently picking up Chiss' trail. She's on the hunt for where all these slimes came from, and, well. Let's just say she gets a satisfying answer. ~ 3.1k words

allusions to further goo TF, female dick growth and exploration, goo tentacle sex, goo oviposition, at-best-implied consent (ie, getting fucked by a creature and enjoying it enough to not say no)

Now that Angrboda has finished the comic, I figured it was time to put the original story up on the website too. So, here's the good old tale of an increasingly horny maid, quietly daring herself to push her boundaries further and further while safely all alone in a big empty house. Be aware that this story is pretty old (written in 2012, yyyyyikes), and while I've touched it up and edited it a little for this post (no more uses of the c-word, thank goodness), it's still pretty classic Abe. Basically, when the main character TFs by slurping down a bunch of living latex TF juice and licking it all over her body, well, don't say I didn't warn you. ~ 5.7k words
click here for the illustration

female solo latex bunny sextoy TF, long, slow exploration/corruption, frankly impossible amounts of vibrator usage, self-directed debauchery, and I wasn't kidding about that tongue-based latex TF scene

A sci-fi story where alien ships arrive over Earth, and then... nothing happens for about 10 years. Except maybe the aliens were just biding their time, quietly sending out signals to lure the right kind of people inside. And maybe those people were... a very specific kind of horny? Maybe the kind of horny that involves women turning into slimy lizard creatures with lots of goo-dripping cocks? ~ 5k words

f/f sex, women growing dicks, alien lizard sex TF, egglaying, dom/sub activities, oh wow apparently specifically anal sex huh? Listen I wrote this like 10 years ago, forgive me for it being, uh, blunt

The reason we pulled the previous story from the deep vaults is because I much more recently wrote this sequel, where another character is brought into the alien ships by the original two women. And of course, the best way to recruit a third person into your alien sexcapades is by setting up an elaborate, implied-peril scene where you just have to trust they won't freak out when they find themselves glued to a wall with big, throbbing, TF-inducing alien eggs in front of them. Right? Listen, you try spending several years in an endless alien sex party and see how rational your ideas are ~ 3.5k words

alien abduction allusions, big slimy eggs with weird alien parasites inside (but in a horny way), tentacled alien TF, F/F sex, really a lot less peril and threat than you would think given that set up, basically none at all really, it's really more confusion and misplaced roleplay than danger (sorry??)

This one is the rare horny fanfic - what if XCOM's Chryssalid aliens were less scary and more sexy? Dr. Vahlen aims to answer that question for science with a little fantasizing and a lot of Meld. (Standard fanfic copyright disclaimers apply - this is intended only for fun parody / horny purposes, not for any sort of profit.) ~ 1.9k words, 2 illos

contains female soldier to horny bug alien tf, f/f, f solo, oviposition

Becky is a cheerleader with a couple of secrets, the most tame of which is that she plays D&D with Denise. Unfortunately, she's also got a bit of an image to project, no matter how much of a chore that might be, and how limiting it is for her... social life. Denise decides that the solution is to give her a hand, or several. ~ 2.4k words, 2 illos

contains female equine tf, f/f, f solo, and horse dick growth

On Were-Creatures

An ongoing mini-series from the perspective of Isobelle Carroway, the in-universe author of Morphological Monster Manual 1 and 2. These are short, informational stories about unusual were-creatures that have sprung up in the world, detailing their unique characteristics, as well as their special way of transmitting their infection.

contains academic discussion of tf and its after-effects, detailing what life is like when you re a were-spider or something equally ridiculous. Touches on adult topics, but largely non-pornographic

Isobelle interviews a subject to elaborate on what it means to become (and enjoy being) a very particular type of were-creature. Unsurprisingly, in a world where full moons can happen at any time, their discussion gets a little... distracted~ 3.2k words

contains female were-donkey tf, female dickgrowth/exploration, involuntary excitement, academically uncertified uses of a snake tail

An unlikely duo of a Paladin Princess and a wererat mercenary take what should be an easy gig. When the monster fails to show up for a fight, they find themselves discussing their lot in life, and what they're really wanting to get out of their night together. Or, if you want to skip all that, search for the *** break mark, so you can start straight from where the muscly royal girl bashfully asks the wiry street rat to top her into being a werecreature~ 6.2k words

contains female wererat tf, f/f, light dom/sub, consentual lycanthropy sharing, class consciousness

A lesbian couple have a very particular way to unwind, which, given this website, rather unsurprisingly involves one of them being turned into a latex sex toy. Contains willing and enthusiastic TF, someone getting coated in plastic while being fucked by a magical dildo - basically, very standard stuff for here. ~1.2k words

contains dominance/submission, f/f sex, latex tf, enthusiastic toyification

An elf girl is taken prisoner and converted to a Skaven by her captors. Heavy hypno overtones soften a thematically harder story. ~1k words
click here for the illustration

contains hypnosis, ratgirl tf, dubcon, allusions to breedng

A couple embarks on an elaborate fantasy sex scene, planned with the extensive help of futuristic megacorporation Transgenic Industrial. Things go surprisingly smoothly, it's just that the definition of 'smoothly' involves getting latex smooth skin and an industrial-size sex drive. Illustrated by Angrboda ~6k words
click here for the illustration

contains mildly surprised yet wildly enthusiastic living sexdoll TF, a girl growing a synthetic horsedick, exhibitionism within the safety of a carefully programmed scene, loving objectification and body weirdness, cock milking and cumplay, and what has to be the most elaborately staged dom/sub situations in history

Set in a world where magic is largely unremarkable, a group of women get together to discuss their current favourite forms, and entice others to join them. Think like a book club, but for horny TFs. Features returning characters from 'Cum One Cum All' and 'The Duel'/'Best in Life', and is about as light and easy as the concept of 'a cumgirl tries to pitch a latex skunk maid and on what's horny' suggests. Part one is mostly conversations between characters, and the upcoming second part will have the remaining group members picking their preference and joining in. ~4.3k words
click here for the illustration

contains a cum-girl, a latex skunk maid, a woman with an oviposition-provoking sex slug symbiote, and a catgirl, who all somehow manage to avoid walking into a bar

A continuation of the above story, detailing the transformations of the participants as observed by the person running the club. Only really focuses on the latex skunk maid and oviposition sex slug symbiotes, because really, isn't that enough? ~4.2k words

contains detailed latex skunk maid gasmask hypno TF, voluntary joining with an oviposition-provoking sex slug symbiote, references to a tragically ignored cum-girl

While exploring a ruin, a cave-in separates Clara from her team. Will she ever escape and get tenure? Why won't her leg stop itching? Where did all these eggs come from...? ~2.6k words
click here for the illustration

contains spider/drider tf, oviposition, cocooning / bondage, implied recruitment

The first in a series of Easter-themed stories I wrote in 2018, this one has a doctor in some unspecified future taking a break at a very fancy resort, where a series of helpful machines let you experience your fantasies. And it just so happens that her fantasies involve getting filled with eggs, and becoming more and more of a bunny as she lays them. Who'd have thought? ~4.5k words

contains egglaying, rabbit TF going from mild to taur, machine-assisted indulgence

The second of the Easter-themed stories, this one has an up-and-coming Youtuber being sent a very unusual carrot from a company she's never heard of before - Candy Coated. Turns out, it does what it says on the tin. This one has two images from Angrboda, so enjoy the mini-sequence! ~1.8k words
click here for the first illustration
click here for the second illustration

contains candy rabbit girl TF, egglaying

The third of the Easter-themed stories, this one has young woman in pioneer times who is none too happy with her fellow settlers. Fortunately for her though, she's found some Thing out in the woods that lets her blow off steam, as well as making her life considerably more interesting. ~2.8k words

contains tentacle sex, egg-laying, goo-bunny TF, tender-but-otherworldly monster boyfriend experiences

Bianca and Telyn live in two different worlds; one a proper village girl, and the other an unrestrained fae who can't be tied down. As a fondness between them blossoms into an attraction, they have to confront the price of their tryst and decide if the terms are acceptable to them both. ~6.1k words
click here for the illustration

mostly a romance with some TF porn for good measure, f/f, human on monstergirl, dick growth

Life is stressful, and even a vacation can sometimes only adds more stress - the planning, the travel, the constant runaround. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just take a vacation from... choices? To just relax and ease yourself into a life where your only job is to listen and feel good? ~1.5k words
click here for the illustration

contains sexdollification, latex / plastic, temporary loss of agency, semi-animate TF

A quick little Easter diary-style story, where a 1940's housewife decides to do what she can to contribute to the war effort. Those very popular bunnygirl pin-ups have to come from somewhere, after all ~2k words
click here for the illustration
and click here for a fun, vintage alt

contains first person woman to bunnygirl TF, egglaying, growing enthusiasm, legally distinct rabbit-themed pin-up women

Black Cat Club

In case you were curious what we mean when we say "Black Cat Club", this is an out-of-universe explaner piece, so you can get up to speed on the setting we often use, without having to piece the details together from a dozen scattered stories and pictures. It also contains a breakdown of the major and minor recurring characters, in case, for example, you were wondering who this 'Syn' person was that some random story acts like you already knew. ~1.6k words

contains navel-gazing about a made-up setting, but otherwise completely not porn. Still probably not safe for work though.

After a brief episode watching the very expensive specialised aquarium cleaner succumb to the latex sex mermaids (which is a hell of a sentence), Anna sits in on a snake session Evan is having with a new client. Despite how straightforward those normally are, this time nothing quite goes according to plan. ~3.5k words

contains (brief) woman/woman with dicks latex mermaid sex, hypnotic encouragement, woman to latex snake tf, almost as much talk therapy as outright porn

Never before posted on the internet, this story both introduces Slyck as a character, and shows what happens when he first meets Evan. And what happens, it turns out, is they double-team Syn. Because of course a first meeting in this setting involves competitive fucking. ~2.8k words

contains female/male latex catpeople tf, m/f/m sex, spitroasting, competitive corruptive encouragement

A short story from the Black Cat Club universe. In this one, Anna takes a new client through the Premium Preview Package, cowgirl theme. So, basically she turns someone into a horny cowgirl, in a way that the client didn't know she always wanted until it started happening. Ain't that always the way? ~2.1k words

contains female cow tf, f solo, and lots of lactation

Evan and Anna are chilling out together, and decide to have some nice, low-key fun. Sometimes you want to do something big and elaborate, and sometimes you just want the comfort food of fucking. That's what kitty stuff is for. ~2.5k words

contains female latex catgirl tf, male latex lizard tf, m/f sex, oral sex, and one premium, relaxed fuck

A classic story from the beginning of the Black Cat Club series. Anna is travelling home at the end of the long day, and has to try to hold back her irrepressible arousal during a long busride, lest she change into her latex catgirl form, Syn. Her restraint doesn't entirely last, but she does make a new friend along the way. ~2.5k words

contains female latex catgirl tf, f solo, corruption, quietly embarrassing and faintly public horniness, attempted French

An updated take on the classic story directly above. This time it features Anna and Evan on a long flight, with Evan deciding to turn it from a red-eye to horny-yellow-eyes. Normally we're comfortable with pushing the boundaries in porn, but it must be said here clearly - if you ever wake up someone on a plane just because you want to mess with them, you're a monster. But, in the realm of fantasy porn, we can imagine that you're the sexy kind of monster, rather than the kind that ruins your day. ~1.7k words

contains moderate female latex catgirl tf, slight male latex lizardman tf, m/f oral sex, horniness in a public space, weaponised puns

A very short story that's mostly just an introduction to a concept that comes up more later. Anna demonstrates a new collar for Evan, one which makes everyone except the person holding the leash see the wearer as a completely normal pet - even as they becoming an increasingly horny catgirl ~650 words

contains no actual sex, porn or real TF yet, but introduces concepts used in the actual TF porn story below

A very outwardly ordinary couple make use of the collar introduced in the prelude above, and over the course of a walk in the park really dig into what's hot about pet play. Turns out, a lot! While this is technically set in the Black Cat Club universe, all the characters involved are new and don't really know any of the Lore, so it makes for a good one-off read ~3k words
click here for the illustration

petplay, female dog-girl TF, female-on-male oral sex, magically-not-problematic public horniness

Another old story from the Black Cat Club universe, this time featuring Syn first recruiting McKenzie as a specialist octo-dom. This actually serves as a good introduction to the Black Cat Club - the story was originally just called "The Black Cat Club", but we've added the "Welcome" subtitle to be less confusing. It features many of the recurring characters and gives a bit of an introduction to each, while at the same time being a porn about a woman being tied up and teasingly encouraged to release her inner tentacle monster. ~3.7k words

contains bondage, f/f sex, female latex creature tf, spreading latex with tongues, and a girl growing both tentacles and a dick that she's very happy with

Guest Stories

Here's a couple of stories we're hosting for friends that we think you might also enjoy.


A short but very hard and intense story, with an unnamed woman debating whether or not to take a pill that will transform her quickly and permanently into a random farm animal. Unsurprisingly, given the site you're on, she does. ~2k words

contains voluntary but regretful woman to feral chicken TF, intelligence loss, permanent TF, humiliation, regret - as you can probably gather from all this, this story is a lot harder than our normal stuff, so please be aware of that going in.

Ever since she took an impromptu tour of a nearby farm, Ming finds her erotic daydreams of turning into a milking cow getting more and more pressing. The fact that she keeps sneaking into the farm at night to milk herself probably doesn't help. But still, it's all just a fantasy, right? The fact that the milking cups keep fitting her better and better, and her reflection in the mirror seems to be subtly different, that... that probably doesn't mean anything. Right? ~10k words

woman to feral cow TF, long, slow, too-horny-to-stop TF, humiliation, regret, increasingly animalistic tendencies, post-TF livestock breeding and impregnation.

Lexi wakes up one morning before her college class to find that, for some reason, her pussy has been transformed into that of a dog. Fortunately for us she finds that arousing, and the day progresses from there about how you'd expect. ~1k words

woman to dog TF (feral implied, but not elaborated), bathroom stall masturbation - basically the story starts with TF porn and hammers it relentlessly all the way through.