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I'm Angrboda, and this is a curated gallery of some of my fave NSFW transformation, furry, and other niche illos that I've completed over the years. The vast majority of these images are adult (18+) and are not suitable for other audiences. Hover over main gallery thumbs for descrip / CWs.

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Brave moo world story illo temple of temptation comm for damo scavenger remake catgirl petplay back cover of To Change dragons_vday Self-application The Princess and the Rat catsuit cat Cow Pools Candybombed Candybombed Pool Shark Marion from the VN Changeling Tale trade with Monstrifex personal one-off catgirl TF birthday present for Abe bonus illo for bug bites personal - syn and renfield comm for Exenthal - zone dragon TF MonClass Bonus Illo - commissioned by DET Rabbit TF - story illo for You Can Do It Alien lizard / dino TF (f/f) Snake girl post TF Cow TF - comic YCH for Kuuko Latex mermaid TF - BCC characters Tayelle Sphinx TF for The Challenge Sabrith dog TF solo  - Story illo for The Challenge Sabrith horse TF solo  - Story illo for The Challenge SFW character portrait of Syn (BCC) Goo TF - comm for Silvia Fem raccoon TF solo  - comm for Silvia Latex bunny girl - Story illo for Home Maid Female TF solo - girl to wolfgirl F/F werewolf TF  - comm for Skrime and Stickers m/m latex hypno - Comm for Zephyr f/f monstergirl + human, story illo for True Love's Glamour Male dragon TF solo  - comm for Zekas f solo, oviposition, tentacle, story illo for TF Club F/F dragongirl TF w/ dicks - comm for Sabrith Transformation, anthro to pooltoy, PVC / plastic latex horsegirl (living suit), fem penetration catgirl sexdoll self-service TF - comm for Chimerror Male anthro plush TF - comm for Skacoon Transformation, werewolf m/m/m, comm for Zil red panda transgender transformation, oral Cowgirl TF, with udder - comm for Taki Transformation, girl to pooltoy, comm for Kae Dronification, latex, mechanical apparatus, comm for Dax The Scavenger from the Zone series. Lots of cum. SFW, latex under clothing, devilgirl sexdoll tf, implied loss of agency cowgirl tf, fem nudity, slight udder growth furry on human, blowjob, m/f, POV goo TF, female dick growth, oviposition(ish) mtf donkey tf/tg. Comm for Firr. Early stage snakegirl tf, vaguely implied hypno Witch / Tiger dude. Transformation, F/M oral. Spider / drider tf. Implied recruitment. Office cowgirl. Transformation, BE Horse dick growth. Transformation, Fem solo. Jackal girl TF comic. Hypno, masturbation Male wolf transformation. Comm for Hans. Woman to unicorn tf. Comm for Leasara. Latex catgirl. Transformation, Fem solo. tentacle creature x fem elf, goo transformation Zone-style dragon girl. Character design Katherine (Kitten Remix). General audiences


Eirini Eirini
Kirby Kirby
Spiciestbird Spiciestbird
Emmy Velanie Emmy Velanie
Jazzakid Jazzakid
Koekkoek Koekkoek
Kuuko Kuuko
gifted by Dax to a friend gifted by Dax to a friend
deer/cougar centaur deer/cougar centaur
phoenix tf phoenix tf
horse tf horse tf
Story illo for Hard Reset 1/2 Story illo for Hard Reset 2/2
Redshift 1/2 Redshift 2/2
Chidike 1/2 Chidike 2/2
Easy Bake Coven 2 1/2 Easy Bake Coven 2 2/2
Mal and Collie 1/2 Mal and Collie 2/2
Abe 1/2 Abe 2/2
Procene 1/3 Procene 2/3 Procene 3/3
Perri 1/2 Perri 2/2
Icy Foxy 1/2 Icy Foxy 2/2
JSS10 1/2 JSS10 2/2
Gibbs 1/2 Gibbs 2/2
Ahri 1/4 Ahri 2/4 Ahri 3/4 Ahri 4/4
Dog 1/2 Dog 2/2
Chocolate Bunny 1/2 Chocolate Bunny 2/2
Nothere 1/3 Nothere 2/3 Nothere 3/3


pokemon, nidoqueen, ditto pokemon black/white 2 Slay the Spire Batgirl Jasmine TMNT Xcom Warhammer Princess Peach gargoyles dragon maid dragon maid Espeon TF feline pokemon partner TF - comm for Graith Vulpix TF


Eebee J598sm2 Pvtpetey Skal666 Z-ray Silv tsune Comet the seeker affie beck lauder RaspberryJam gibbs casey Comet indecisivehusky kurtt pickit silv tsune snep, bixby jayphoenix froach ahri greywolverine skacoon defiant frog ahri pyrofennec albion walker czaanum damo digi drakentenuem drgnsol fox-sinz2 freewolves gibbs jay phoenix jestrab kiita_ninetails kotep lyli majormooch maku ranfox sabrith serathin shaytalis soreth the_seeker toaster admiral whiterun cattail juniper silv tsune wahoo briva wobbling void Zil Mr. Mortecai skrime and stickers zeitgeist dusk naughty latex dragon ash-fall budhudd digi dragonmanmike fedeger kalmia kotep kurtt kuuko lyli northwynd ren tea engineer weestables saltytea quinnton zil Sublimenol Skrime Silv Tsune Shaytalis Serathin Project Porygon Phosphorus Pathia Miss Marilith Griffinwolf for WorcaBree Gaia Maiden Colintox Balina Devi Rugan holiday pinup for Candice holiday pinup for Jaiydawoof holiday pinup for Zho holiday pinup for Naughty Dragon IcyFoxy Wolfennar Kukko Genotyp DragonChaz Carissa Darsen Diz Feniks Griffinwolf IcyFoxy MissMarlith Murrpy Serathin Shaxn Sige Snep Snowylizard Tala Grovehorn Vyle Vyle Vyrnen Kotep Cypresswolf (raffle winner) Koek Hans Kuuko TayaEndira Reagent Tala Grovehorn Exenthal Yiffsite Gibbs Zephyr Silvia Humanimal Zoo Firra Budhudd Deiser Freewolves HemlocknAloe IceFox Jaiydawoof Janine Sataria Jazz Otter Kuuko Lacy Fox Naughty Latex Dragon MavWolf Maya Nelighan Nothere Railrunner SiGe Swymbiote Taki TeaEngineer Xepher Zil Zorr gifted by Deiser to a friend Zeydaan Dracarna Shady Devi Celes Griffinwolf StormKern Fernin Kiita Ninetails Senlin Malanais Tophat Goblin Zil Alphinecentury Kotep Kit Baltoro Alaskan Wyvern FenSubAmber Deiser Dragon Man Mike Dragon Dusk Ellie Exenthal Feo Asilion Firr Fox Sinz Gibbs Huskier Kiita-Ninetails KrissyDavid JSS10 LightDark75 MaltedMilkShake Naat Nik Pyruvic Pythos Roukan Snickerlewdles Swymbiote Tharkis Tricia Alpha Typhin Zho Zil Personal Brandy Hans Errai Evelyn Red Azazial Catherinepanda Digi Exenthal Goldie Goopybirb Kirisha Mokuno Pegasus Sylvari Triangle Delta Wondernoodle Jaiy Kotep Superguest Gibbs Comet Casey SL1 Northwynd Latex Shifting Vixen Pitchblack Paula Skacoon Ormur Blitz Void Dragoness


Happy 2023 ahri anonymous daf horseburd jnekomimi kae kdhynamo phoenix-d shaytalis snep taija taus tharkis zebratron bleedingsouls coinman1863 disciplewinter fallout fedeger jaiy koekkoek kotep mayaahom nothere pocket selinmalianis stabbitystyle superguest tantalum tiny1badger winmanjack zaukodar Firra Exenthal Skal666 Gibbs Shark Alien Lizard Girlfriend warringer unidentified tf sperry selinmalianis kohaku justanotherfurryfellow ellie cobalt catherinepanda catherinepanda catherinepanda Snep Rubbercreatures LusRangifer KoekKoek Brenda personal (ginger tabby) sex doll personal skrime skrime skrime draken gibbs kippz koyunlu kuuko silvia superguest fox girl goo girl toon foxgirl TF dog girl TF dragon knight TF dragon character design medical dog girl TF cow girl TF cow girl TF, needles

Art by other artists

CobaltK's take on Isobelle from the Monster Manual Series

A take on Isobelle Carroway from the Morphological Monster Manual series done by CobaltK. This pic specifically is a reference to the On Were Creatures side stories.

Monstrifex's take on Phaedra from Monclass

A take on Phaedra from Abe and my story Help, I'm Becoming the Monster Class?! done by Monstrifex as their half of a trade with me. My half is the dino up in the main gallery, for their book Shifts from the Shelves.