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In the spirit of the Internet of 1998, this is our links page. Up top, we have various sites where you can see more of our content. If you scroll down, you can check out some choice links we think you might like, and find out how to link to us.

Below is a list of links to sites of folks whose work has some... thematic overlap with ours ;) I'm writing them up with cues about their content so you can more easily find stuff that caters to your interests. That said, links don't constitute endorsement of the entire linked site and we certainly don't control the content of them. Like our site, these are also for adults only!

Devi is a writer who focuses mostly on corruption, monstergirls, and TF (you know... all the good stuff) sometimes with a side of other themes. Their site has an archive of their stories that's nicely tagged for easy searching.

Ruggy has a variety of TF pieces with different themes (furry, inanimate, etc.) and a SFW galelry as well. The artist's commission info and TOS is also here (in a convenient and easy to read format) if you're in the market for comms!

Sortimid's gallery focuses largely on TG and bimbofication, with some transformation thrown in for good measure. They're prolific and have a charming art style, so if that sounds like your jam, they also have a page on where you can buy their comics!

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